As a club, we have established a pathway for our swimmers to ensure they have the ability to progress through each stage of their development.

Each group has an overall focus on being the best you can be ensuring you are enjoying yourself and having fun.

Our training squads are split into three groups:

Stroke Development

- This is the first of the training squads where swimmers continue to develop stroke ability and quality

- This is usually one or two nights per week.

B Squad

- The aim of this squad is to improve technique and fitness for all four strokes and provide a pathway to the competitive squad

A Squad

- This swimmers committed to swimming and most compete regularly at regional and national meets

- The focus for this group is to continue to master the fundamentals of all four strokes and improve efficiency through the water


All swimmers will receive a full assessment prior to placement in any group.
All training enquiries are to made to:

Samantha Simons
021 5394415 - After 3pm

When you attend your assessment, information will be given as to costs. We rely on findraising and funding to keep or costs down but there is a small cost passed onto us from Swimming New Zealand for carnival and competitive swimmers that each swimmer is responsible for.